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February 4, 2016

More Details On Tammy Sytch DUI Arrests, Former Diva Facing Mandatory Prison Time

TNOnline.com featured an article today looking at WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch pleading guilty to the three DUI cases against her. As we noted previously on PWInsider.com, Sytch plead guilty to DUI charges stemming from arrests on 5/30/15, 6/1/15 and 6/20/15 as part of a plea agreement.

The Judge presiding over the case is now waiting for the results of a pre-sentencing investigation (which Sytch's defense requested) as well as the results of a drug and alcohol evaluation.

During her hearing on 1/30, Sytch was informed that she will face mandatory prison terms on two of the counts against her. If she is approved for the Intermediate Prisoner Program, she would also be subject to house arrest following her prison term.

The TNOnline.com article, noted that at the time of all of her arrests, Sytch did not have a valid driver's license in any States and provided some additional details on each arrest.

On 5/30, Sytch was stopped by Mahoning Township, PA police after being seen driving erratically into a Wal-Mart parking lot. A test showed a 0.25 percent Blood-Alcohol level.

On 6/1, Sytch was pulled over after her car crossed the solid center yellow line several times and then entered oncoming traffic on Interchange Road in Lehighton, PA. Sytch was unable to provide proof of insurance or a drivers license and was identified via authorities checking records. When he stopped her at 10510 Interchange Road, Lazarchick said she was unable to provide a driver’s license and proof of insurance. He identified her through a records check. Trooper Jonathan Lazarchick of the Pennsylvania State Police reported that her eyes were bloodshot and glassy and that she smelled like alcohol. There was an open bottle of Coors Light in the passenger side of the vehicle and another 11 unopened. The open cap was on the floor of her passenger's side. Sytch claimed she had been drinking the night before, was driving to pick up milk and eggs and when asked to get out of the vehicle, staggered, had problems with her balance and needed to lean on her car to maintain her balance. Her blood-alcohol content was 0.3 percent.

On 6/20, Sytch crashed her car into a ditch in Towamensing Township at 10:40 p.m. and claimed to authorities responding that her GPS had told her to made a "sudden turn", leading to her turning too wide and ending up in the ditch. Sytch told authorities that she was unable to back the car back out. Cpl. Shawn Noonan of the Pennsylvania State Police observed the odor of alcohol and bloodshot eyes. He requested Sytch take a field sobriety test but she claimed to be "in too much pain due to her recently blacking out and falling down the steps." She was taken under arrest for DUI and was given a breathalyzer test back at police barracks. The results of that test were 0.078 percent. Sytch would later claim on social media, in response to PWInsider.com reporting of the case, she was not arrested for DUI when she crashed her car because she had a "seizure."

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