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February 16, 2016

Reported Reason For Michelle Beadle ‘Burying The Hatchet’ With Triple H At RAW Last Night

Wrestlezone Radio regular and Pro Wrestling Sheet editor-in-chief Ryan Satin is reporting Michelle Beadle and WWE ‘buried the hatchet’ after Vince McMahon had called Beadle.

Sources told Satin that Beadle was contacted by McMahon a few months ago, and he was very understanding as to why Beadle stopped watching WWE. Beadle had announced she was boycotting WWE last year after Triple H had publicly endorsed Floyd Mayweather.

For those that don’t know, Beadle was very critical about the way Mayweather has been promoted, given his issues with domestic violence reports. Beadle wrote a detailed post about her feelings towards Mayweather and cited HHH’s social media role, noting she did not agree with him being a supporter of Mayweather while also being a public face of a company like WWE with such a strong push for anti-bullying and anti domestic violence policies.

According to Satin, Beadle then accepted an invitation to attend last night’s WWE RAW taping, feeling like enough time had passed and she could talk to Triple H about her issues. It was also noted that Beadle understands people won’t share her feelings about Mayweather, and the talk backstage between the two went smoothly.

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