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February 13, 2016

Titus O'Neil Almost Fired Over McMahon "Arm-Grab" Incident; Triple H Intervened

“Ladies first” is a common phrase used by well-mannered men … but Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned that in the case of Titus O’Neil, those 2 words may have led to his recent suspension.

Multiple sources tell us O’Neil spoke with management following the grab on Vince McMahon‘s arm and explained he was only trying to allow Stephanie McMahon to exit the stage first.

Steph and Vince initially appear to be walking side-by-side in the video of the incident … so his explanation tracks. Plus, it appeared to be playful, as everyone pointed out from the start.

We’re told Titus claimed he was only saying “ladies first” when he tugged on Vince — with the strict intention of being polite — but understood the misunderstanding may have been perceived differently by others once it was all said and done.

According to PWTorch, Titus was going to be fired over the issue by McMahon. However, both Joey Mercury and Triple H talked him out of the firing, which is why the suspension was so high originally. Clearly it was reduced since then, but Vince was still ticked over the ordeal.

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