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February 11, 2016

Titus O'Neil Suspension Changed, WWE On If Suspension Was Racially Motivated, Titus' Text To WWE

The New York Post reports that WWE changed Titus O'Neil's suspension, and Titus will now be suspended for 60 days instead of 90 days, which would still have him out of WrestleMania.

As noted, Titus O'Neil tugged at Vince McMahon following Daniel Bryan's post-RAW retirement celebration, as seen in the video below. PWInsider.com first reported today that WWE suspended Titus O'Neil for unprofessional conduct for the incident.

The Post article is actually titled "Fans call Vince McMahon a racist for suspending black wrestler," and contains many messages from fans complaining that the suspension was racist motivated.

"The suspension of Titus O'Neil had nothing to do with race and everything to do with unprofessional conduct," WWE told the Post in a statement. They added that Titus "acknowledged the gravity of his mistake" in a text message, writing:

"I feel like s--t now so if you have to let me go, I understand. Stupid mistake."

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