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February 26, 2016

TNA Seeking Outside Investors, Executive Comments On 'Strategic Partnership Talks' And Growth Plan

TNA is reportedly seeking outside investors to work with the company and President Dixie Carter was recently in Los Angeles for related meetings, including one at the POP TV offices, according to PWInsider.

TNA's John Gaburick confirmed to PWInsider that the company is seeking outside investors and said they have been in "strategic partnership talks with several major global media companies and investment firms about the company's next phase of growth."

Gaburick also confirmed that Dixie was in Los Angeles for those meetings, adding that she and other TNA executives have also spent a lot of time in New York City lately. Gaburick said this is all a part of the 5 year growth plan that Dixie has mentioned in past media interviews. He called it a very exciting time for TNA.

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