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February 10, 2016

Zack Sabre Jr Talks Meeting Triple H, More

Zack Sabre Jr recently spoke with Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard‘s Justin Barrasso, discussing his career path, meeting Triple H during the EVOLVE show on WWE Royal Rumble weekend, his wrestling influences, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below:

Zack Sabre Jr on meeting Triple H:

“He’s huge. I felt like a child in comparison, but he was very approachable, very friendly, and it’s so inspiring how much he loves the business. For someone who has had such a long and decorated career, and he’s coming down to an indie Evolve show in Orlando the night before the Royal Rumble–where he obviously had such an important night ahead of him–and he was there talking to everyone. When someone like that, who is at the top of the business with so many responsibilities, comes down with that type of attitude, it sets such a great example.

I introduced myself and spoke briefly to him. I’m good friends with [WWE talent scout/NXT trainer] Robbie Brookside, so I had a good catch-up chat with him, and I also met [William] Regal for the first time.”

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