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March 17, 2016

Another WWE Hall Of Famer And WWE Champion Donating Their Brains For CTE Research

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE and WCW Champion Kevin Nash was going to donate his brain to help CTE research after his death. Now, Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy have also joined in on the cause.

In an interview that we published earlier, former WWE and TNA world champion Jeff Hardy said that he's only aware of about two or three concussions that he's had, but still wants to donate his brain to the research cause.

In addition, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley mentioned on Twitter that he's also donating his brain, and that former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski talked him into doing it. Nowinski had his career ended due to concussions over ten years ago.

The WWE has seen major issues with concussions in recent years, as both Daniel Bryan and Corey Graves have had to retire due to them. Although he hasn't officially retired, Christian has also been shelved due to concussion-related issues.

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