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March 11, 2016

Details On Ken Anderson’s TNA Release And Failed Drug Test

Wrestlezone Radio guest and Pro Wrestling Sheet editor-in-chief Ryan Satin is reporting former WWE/TNA star Ken Anderson was released from TNA Wrestling after he failed a drug test, which was administered after he appeared to be under the influence during a match.

According to sources, Anderson was reportedly working a match with Eric Young, but he looked so bad in the ring that he was forced to take a drug test before being sent home. Sources told Satin that the match was originally scheduled to air on the January 19th episode of Impact Wrestling but it had to be removed from the show. Eric Young was reportedly furious with TNA management after the bout, to the point he could be heard yelling at officials to do something about the situation.

Pro Wrestling Sheet says they’ve attempted to contact both Anderson and TNA officials for comment on the story, but have not received a response from either side. A source did tell Satin that management, while not commenting, does hope Anderson will get some sort of treatment.

Anderson made headlines earlier yesterday after a video of him surfaced where he announced he was no longer with the company, and said “f*ck TNA” during an Insane Championship Wrestling event.

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