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March 29, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Talks WrestleMania 32, The WWE Divas Revolution, Being The Boss's Daughter

In regards to what challenges Stephanie has faced in a male-dominated business, she said she also dealt with challenges being the boss's daughter. Stephanie said she's constantly had to prove herself but doesn't mind that at all because she doesn't want anything handed to her and wants to work hard for everything. Stephanie said she tries to earn people's respect every single day.

Stephanie was also asked about women in sports getting more recognition. She brings up the "#GiveDivasaChance" hashtag that fans had trending for three days last year. Stephanie said the WWE fans want to see more than eye candy and that's why they started the Divas Revolution. Stephanie said women's sports is on the rise and it was time for WWE to get with the times.

Storm also asked about WrestleMania 32 coming to AT&T Stadium and Stephanie revealed that Dallas Cowboys executive Charlotte Jones Anderson came and gave a big pitch to WWE. Vince McMahon was impressed and gave her the answer right there on the spot.

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