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March 22, 2016

WWE And Connor's Cure Awarded

Winners for the 2016 Shorty Awards have been announced and Connor's Cure, produced by WWE, was one of the winners in the "Best Social Good" campaign. WWE also received a "Gold Honor" in the "Best of Entertainment" category after being nominated in more than 5 social media related categories. It's worth noting that WWE touted the award for Connor's Cure but did not acknowledge their own "Gold Honor" mention.

The Shorty Awards website said WWE's 11-man Social Media team, with members based in Stamford, CT, New York City, Mexico, Germany and Dubai, is an integral part of a 48-person team of editors, designers, producers, photographers, and one Hall of Famer (presumably Howard Finkel), that creates content for WWE's website, the WWE App and their various social media pages.

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