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April 14, 2016

Details on TNA Being Evicted From Their Headquarters, Investors Reportedly Already Backing Impact Wrestling

As noted, TNA has moved its headquarters from Cummins Station in Nashville to a 25,000 foot warehouse which the company has been using as ShopTNA.com. TNA production will be moving to NorthStar Productions, which is a top production facility in the same city as the new company headquarters.

According to The Wrestling Observer, TNA had been falling behind on payments at the Cummins Station location, and at one point had moved into the basement of the facility where TV production was done as a cost cutting maneuver. TNA reportedly continued to fall behind on payments, and was basically evicted from the Cummins Station offices, effective at the end of April. TNA has known about the move for several months now, and had been preparing to move to the ShopTNA warehouse.

With regards to TNA seeking investors for Impact Wrestling, investors are reportedly already in play, and have been backing Impact Wrestling to keep the show on TV, but have not purchased any kind of interest in TNA Wrestling.

One of the current deals on the table centers around the controlling power of TNA, something Dixie Carter does not want to give up, but is something potential investors are interested in. It’s being said TNA might have to proceed with the deal to stay afloat, and that could give investors a leg up in terms of gaining controlling power of the company.

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