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April 25, 2016

Linda McMahon Talks Chyna's Passing On FOX Business

Linda McMahon appeared on FOX Business this morning, as seen in the video above.

During the interview, Linda discussed helping women in the workplace, issues affecting voters in Connecticut and the 2016 Presidential race, calling Ted Cruz and John Kasich coordinating their efforts to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination a "collusion." Linda also talked about WWE dropping the terms Divas, saying that by dropping the term, it shows that women wrestlers are equal to their male counterparts and that Stephanie McMahon was behind that effort. She also discussed Chyna's passing, calling it a "loss" and saying that she'll be missed.

"It's always a loss when you've had someone that's come up in the ranks like Joanie [Laurer]," Linda said. "She was kind of in the forefront of the women's power position in WWE, so she'll be missed."

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