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April 25, 2016

Rumor Mill - Chyna Reportedly Drinking Heavily Before Death, Over Bad Relationship With WWE

The documentary director who was with Chyna in the final months before she died says the ex-wrestler was incredibly broken up about not getting an invite this year to attend WWE‘s Hall of Fame ceremony — and it’s one of the reasons she began to drink heavily before passing away.

Erik Angra tells Pro Wrestling Sheet Joanie Laurer had been distressed over not being invited to the big event to see old friends, and it’s partly why she backed out of flying to Dallas.

For those who missed it, Chyna was scheduled for a meet and greet at WrestleCon but cancelled at the last minute and promoters said it was because she wouldn’t get on the plane.

Sources tell us Laurer expected the documentary she was filming to shine a light on her Hall of Fame situation, and was hoping it would lead to an invite to get the conversation started with company officials. When that didn’t happen, we’re told she began to drink more than usual.

Angra says Chyna was also feeling emotional over attempts to reconnect with her family, and the full story will be seen in their documentary — which they still plan to release in the wake of her passing.

Reports say Chyna’s death is being investigated as a possible overdose — and Angra tells us those working on the film “saw the signs were there” in regards to her addictions.

Official word on her cause of death is pending further investigation.

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