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April 1, 2016

Saints LB James Laurinaitis learned work ethic from pro-wrestling dad 'Animal'

James Laurinaitis didn't exactly follow his father's footsteps -- which would have led him between the ropes and into the world of professional wrestling.

But the New Orleans Saints' new linebacker said he learned his work ethic and toughness from his famous dad, Joe Laurinaitis. Otherwise known as "Animal" from the pro wrestling tag teams Road Warriors and Legion of Doom.
James Laurinaitis says his elbow has recovered after he hyperextended it and tore his UCL ligament last October. L.G. Patterson/AP Photo

"He was my little league ball coach all of the way up until high school," said Laurinaitis, who grew up in Minnesota. "Really, what my dad showed me the most ... was just about work ethic. I saw how hard my dad worked in the weight room. I saw toughness. I saw him work out and perform in his industry through injuries and stuff. Unless something really couldn't be worked around, he'd be out there wrestling and doing everything that he would have to do.

"So that's what he really taught me -- on days that you don't feel good, you gotta go work out, you gotta get after it."

Click here for a photo of the two decked out in each other's gear from an old Sporting News photo shoot.

Laurinaitis, who spoke to the New Orleans media in a conference call last week, said his father's mentality was that "if he ever took a day off or was slacking ... then somebody else is gonna be working that day and really try to come and take my spot or my job."...More?

source: espn.go.com

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