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April 30, 2016

Scott Steiner Rips WWE For Bad Gimmicks, Trashes The WWE For Offering Him A Legends Contract, More

Former WCW Champion Scott Steiner was recently interviewed by Whatculture. During the interview, Steiner was very outspoken about his feelings as it pertained to World Wrestling Entertainment, and those in control of the company.

Steiner was asked if there was a possibility of a Steiner Brothers reunion, and mentioned his brother is really busy in real estate, and he just opened a new restaurant himself. He also revealed that he's been offered a WWE legends contract.

"WWE offered me a legends deal. My lawyer looked at it, and it's basically illegal, Steiner said. "It's not worth the paper that it's written on. So f--k them. That's why a lot of guys are leaving like Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. It's a monopoly and the product suffers because of it. You have two dumbasses running it in Stephanie and her (expletive) husband Triple H."

Scott Steiner went on to call the WrestleMania card 'horses--t.' He said that the way that they treat people that make them money is a key factor in why major names have abandoned the company over the last two and a half years. Steiner also said that he doesn't like that the WWE saddles talent with bad gimmicks.

"How do you get rid of a guy like CM Punk? I'm a friend of Rey's, he's sold a hell of a lot of merchandise. It's a monopoly, the only game in town. They want to treat people like s--t and that's why they leave. It's tough to watch. You have a guy coming up and these jackasses at WWE stamp a bulls--t gimmick on them...It's a bunch of s--t," Steiner said.

When asked about a potential return to WWE, Steiner said it would be financially motivated if he did end up doing it.

"Depends on how big that Brinks truck is that they pull into my driveway," Steiner said.

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