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April 12, 2016

Shane McMahon Sued Over SEC Violations

Shane McMahon and the You On Demand company are listed as defendants in a lawsuit filed by attorney David Lopez on behalf of the plaintiff Deborah Donoghue on March 14. Donoghue is seeking recovery of “short swing profits.” The lawsuit claims that McMahon disposed for value of 7.010.000 shares of the YOU On Demand stock on January 31, 2014, and then purchased 24,6000 shares of YOU On Demand stock on May 22, 2015. Read the full lawsuit at Scribd.com/doc/308052456/YOD-Shane-McMahon-Lawsuit.

Shane is the founder and co-chairman of the YOU On Demand company. Shane is being sued for violating SEC Rules that limits people who have close access to information about company from making short term sales that will net them quick profits. Owners and operators of a company are not supposed to make multiple transactions within a six month period. Donoghue estimates the profits made by Shane to be roughly $17,700.

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