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April 22, 2016

The XFL, a football oddity, played its first -- and last -- championship game 15 years ago

In the world of sports, athletes often dedicate their entire lives to reaching the pinnacle of their profession, but for many, life at the top can be short-lived. Sometimes all a player gets to experience at the highest level is one minute on the court, one trip to the plate, one shot on goal or one checkered flag, but more often than not, that fleeting moment in the spotlight is a story all its own. This is One and Done, a FOX Sports series profiling athletes, their paths to success and the stories behind some of sports' most ephemeral brushes with glory.

When WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced the formation of a pro football league in February 2000, the decision was panned as a gimmick and a questionable concept, at best. And when that league later folded in May 2001 after losing a reported $50 million in its controversial debut season, the news came as little surprise to the many who anticipated its failure.

But for those who competed in the XFL during its first and only year in existence, the experience was unlike any other, and though the league is still something of a punchline even to this day, it was an adventure ex-players like Ron Carpenter won't soon forget...More?

source: foxsports.com

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