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April 6, 2016

Update On The EVOLVE / WWE Relationship, What EVOLVE Will Focus On Going Forward

PWInsider.com is reporting EVOLVE will be moving towards a focus on talents who have the most potential to move up to WWE developmental / NXT. The idea would be to have a list of talents that WWE could look at as potential signees, but they would still have the option of using other talents under contracts with other promotions for short term programs or for guest spots.

One example given was Sami Callihan, who just signed a deal with Lucha Underground. Callihan was originally involved in plans to challenge EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher this past weekend, and he could always be used in shorter programs, but getting a longer term storyline may be difficult considering EVOLVE’s new focus.

Additionally, there is a plan to start running more EVOLVE events. The company had previously been running shows every 6-to-8 weeks, but now would start hosting events every 4 weeks.

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