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April 11, 2016

Lawsuit Filed By Rene Dupree Against WWE Over Royalties Already Being Dismissed

We noted last week that former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree filed a class-action lawsuit against WWE over royalties related to the WWE Network and Netflix. That lawsuit is already over, according to PWInsider, less than a week after it was filed.

Dupree's lawyers, Brenden Leydon and Clinton Krislov, filed a notice today in Connecticut, voluntarily dismissing the suit against WWE. The court still has to sign off on the notice and officially dismiss the suit but there should be no problem there. His attorneys did file to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice, leaving it open to be re-filed at a later date.

The class-action suit was aimed at representing other wrestlers that had deals with WWE and other wrestling promotions between 1980 and now. They were seeking millions of dollars in damages.

As noted, WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt told The Hollywood Reporter last week that Dupree signed a contract in 2011 that prevents him from filing a lawsuit like this one. McDevitt wouldn't elaborate on the deal Dupree signed but it appears this dismissal by his lawyers shows McDevitt was right. McDevitt informed Dupree's lawyers of the 2011 deal on the same night the suit was filed and their response indicated they did not know about any other deal their client had signed.

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