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April 5, 2016

Wrestling Fanatics Travel to Texoma to Visit Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

The president of the new Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in Wichita Falls, Johnny Mantell, said the hall of fame had a successful first week.

Mantell said he estimates that more than 1,000 visitors will pass through over the week.

He specifically planned to open their doors this week, because more than 100,000 people are headed to the Dallas area for WWE's WrestleMania. Mantell said he had a booth at WrestleMania and many of the people he spoke with seemed excited to stop through Wichita Falls. The hall of fame is usually not open on Mondays, but they will be this week for all of the WrestleMania traffic coming into downtown.

"Well, I feel like we need to get ready to move up to another floor. That's how hopeful I am. We need more space because I'm getting new stuff in everyday. Guys are bringing us stuff and sending us stuff and we're going to have to move up to another floor for sure here.... before too long," Mantell said.

The hall of fame and new museum has memorabilia dating back to the Civil War.

Admission is $3 and the hall of fame is typically open Tuesday through Sunday.

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