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April 28, 2016

WWE Network No Longer Allowing Shared Accounts

Fans who share their WWE Network accounts with others on multiple devices are receiving "stream limit exceeded" messages now. WWE recently updated their Terms of Service for the Network and added the following:

Access to WWE Network is subject to approval of your Payment Method information and verification of other information you submit to us or that is otherwise provided to us. Accordingly, if your payment (flat fee or monthly) cannot be processed for any reason, including because your Payment Method is no longer valid, we may terminate your access to the WWE Network immediately. Although your WWE Network subscription is accessible on a number of devices, your use is limited to one (1) WWE Network stream on one (1) device at any given time. IF YOU CIRCUMVENT OR ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT ANY OF THE USE RESTRICTIONS IN THESE TERMS, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TERMINATION AND YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION. SHARING OF LOGIN INFORMATION, INCLUDING PASSWORDS, IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

The Help section explains the new error message:

If you see an error that says "STREAM LIMIT EXCEEDED" or "TOO MANY USAGE ATTEMPTS" it means your WWE Network account is in use on another device. WWE Network allows one Network stream per login.

To resolve:

• Log out of all devices

• Log back in to the primary device you are trying to view on

If you have shared your account with friends or family, they may be using WWE Network while you're trying watch some content. WWE Network allows one Network stream per login.

If you think someone is using your account without your permission:

• Log out of all devices

• Change your WWE Password

• Log back in to the primary device you are trying to view on

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