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May 19, 2016

Rumor Mill - Backstage News On WWE's Major Goal For Stephanie McMahon's Memoir, Big Marketing Push Planned

As noted, Stephanie McMahon is currently working on her memoir to be released this September.

The book is expected to be big news over the next few months as WWE is hoping to use Stephanie's memoir as a way to really put the spotlight behind her and get her out in front of the general public more.

One of WWE's goals is to get more eyes on Stephanie and have her build a relationship with the audience so when it's time for her to replace Vince McMahon when he steps down, she will be seen as the heir apparent that has already been groomed and put out to the public. This new book will be a big part of that goal.

WWE and publisher Regan Arts are planning a major marketing campaign for the release of the book, including media appearances and book signings, at least in the Northeast.

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