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May 6, 2016

Rumor Mill - Bret Hart Describes Tension Backstage At WWE Payback Between Shane, Stephanie & Triple H

With Shane I sensed he was really relaxed but I also sensed a distance there. In the backstage area I never saw Stephanie, Triple H and Shane all in the same room. I’m just reading between the lines without knowing anything. I could see that there was real tension there. They were all really friendly to me when they saw me but you never saw anybody at the same time. I noticed when I saw Shane after Natalya’s match that he didn’t go into what they call the Gorilla Position. He wasn’t in there. He wouldn’t go in there. He kind of stayed out and I realized then that it was just Stephanie and Triple H that were in there. I don’t know, maybe there’s real tensions there. I’ve said it before and I don’t know anymore than what I’ve said in recent broadcasts. I do sense there is some real tension in the family. I got the impression from watching it on TV, just like the fans do, that Vince is loving it. He loves the tension between them and this little storyline that they have seems like it’s true and based on a real situation. A lot of times that’s what Vince likes to play on. He likes to play on real sensitive issues. Even like what he did to me in Phoenix a few years ago. It was all based on, “You screwed me,” and, “Bret screwed Bret,” and all these things that were so sensitive a few years before. He wanted to milk that as much as he could and get as much mileage out of it as possible. I sensed a lot of that in Chicago. There’s a lot of real tension in the air and Stephanie, Triple H and Shane aren’t really comfortable with the attention but Vince is loving it. He’s just throwing more gas on the fire.

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