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May 25, 2016

Sasha Banks Reportedly Scheduled For Evaluation This Weekend

We noted before via Wrestling Observer Radio and Squared Circle Sirens that Sasha Banks suffered an injury, rumored to be a concussion, during a six-woman match at the May 15th WWE live event. The "freak accident" happened when the referee accidentally hit Sasha in the head with a solid knee shot. Our original report briefly had the referee misidentified. It was actually referee Darrick Moore involved in the incident.

In an update on Sasha's condition, Uproxx reports that she did suffer a concussion and her next evaluation is scheduled for this coming Saturday. It was also noted that it's anticipated that Sasha will pass the evaluation and be cleared to return to the ring.

It was indicated on this week's Wrestling Observer Radio that the current injury Sasha is dealing with is significant and could put SummerSlam plans in jeopardy as WWE has wanted to do Sasha vs. WWE Women's Champion Charlotte in August.

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