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May 27, 2016

WWE Studios Announces Its Next Movie Will Feature Six WWE Superstars

WWE announced today that WWE Studios plans to make another installment of the “Marine” franchise, which starred John Cena in the first film back in 2006.

The new movie will see The Miz reprise his role from the last two Marine movies, and the film will co-star Miz’s wife Maryse, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Heath Slater and Naomi.

The film is set to begin filming on May 31st, and the following is the plot synopsis issued by WWE:

“The Miz returns as Jake Carter, an ex-Marine who served in the Middle East and is now saving civilian lives stateside as an EMT. After responding to an emergency call in an abandoned parking lot, Carter finds himself protecting an injured man from a ruthless biker gang. With the odds stacked against him, Carter utilizes his unique Marine skills to stop the bikers’ rampage before any more innocent blood is shed.”

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