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June 1, 2016

Goldberg discusses WWE 2K17 and his WrestleMania moment with Brock Lesnar

Playing games represents a kind of pastime in the WWE Universe, for conniving Superstars or dedicated players of 2K’s venerated series of WWE video games.

For Goldberg, however, video games offer a chance to reintroduce a once-in-a-lifetime competitor like himself to a new era of WWE fans. His legend is supported by a resume which includes an unparalleled 173-match winning streak to start his WCW career and two World Heavyweight Championship reigns. His star power continues to shine brightly, fueled by his meteoric rise in WCW and continued success in WWE, all achieved in only eight years in sports-entertainment.

Now that 2K has presented him as WWE 2K17’s Pre-Order bonus character, legions of fans can start asking “who’s next” to battle the man they call Goldberg for virtual supremacy. As for the man himself, Goldberg recently spoke with WWE.com about his involvement with 2K, his WrestleMania showdown with Brock Lesnar and whether he has one match left in the tank.

WWE.COM: How did you find out that you were 2K’s choice for this WWE 2K17 exclusive?

GOLDBERG: I just got the phone call. It was something that we had been in talks off and on over a number of years. As a father and an ex-wrestler, it's a dream come true. To be able to come back and be included in WWE 2K17, it's a huge honor. That the people would even want me back after such a long hiatus is another honor...More?

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