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June 14, 2016

Knockouts Title Being Defended At SHINE 35

Shine Wrestling announced two updates to their Shine 35 event in Ybor City, FL this Friday night.

Shine is now advertising a triple title match featuring the Shine Champion versus Shimmer Champion versus TNA Knockouts Champion, with the person taking the fall losing their title. It was previously advertised that TNA Knockouts Champion Jade would defend her title if she made it through this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings as champion, but she did lose to new champion Sienna at TNA Slammiversary.

**With TNA taping multiple shows this week it is always possible for Jade (Mia Yim) to regain the Knockouts title, but as of now Shine 35 will feature:

SHINE Champion vs SHIMMER Champion vs TNA Knockouts Champion
– Participant who is pinned/submitted will lose their belt!

“Money In The Bank Match”
Kellie Skater versus Mia Yim versus Santana Garrett versus Nicole Matthews

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