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June 27, 2016

Kurt Angle On A Possible WWE Return, Triple H, Vince McMahon Caring For Him

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Kurt Angle, which appears to have been conducted before F4WOnline.com revealed that WWE would not be bringing Angle back to the company. Below are a couple of highlights:

His recent talk with WWE:

"I had a talk with WWE. It's confidential. I will not be returning for the draft. Possibly in the future, most likely next year, but that is not a guarantee. It was a loose conversation but I will be in touch with Triple H [Paul Levesque] in the future."

Vince McMahon always caring for him:

"Vince always cared about me. He's a good guy, and he felt like he was my father figure. I admired Vince's work ethic and drive. He was a machine. He was willing to sacrifice so much to be a success, and he was one of those guys who I feared and looked up to. I feared him the same way I feared my father. I was right – he was a good guy. He would tell me when I screwed up, and he'd tell me how to fix it. He basically said, 'Listen, you won an Olympic gold medal. Very few people on this planet have ever done that. You're special, you can kick this thing.' But I fell back into it."

Angle also discussed his battles with addiction, the murder of his coach David Schultz, Dixie Carter being responsible for Angle going to rehab and much more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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