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June 20, 2016

Kurt Angle Says He'll Return To WWE, Reveals Recent Conversation With Triple H

Kurt Angle appeared on Mark Madden's radio show today in Pittsburgh and was asked if he had been contacted by WWE about a possible return to the company. While there has been no deal made, Angle seemed pretty confident that he will return to the company one day.

"Will I return? Yes," Angle replied. "I don't know when."

Angles said that he spoke to Triple H about six weeks ago, which was before the brand split was announced. Angle said that it was a good conversation, and that they are on good terms. He said that he was not contacted about the brand split, and that he's not expecting anything.

Angle said that he's fine if WWE contacts him again or not. He says he doesn't know when he'd return, but he once again said that he hasn't been contacted yet about returning for the brand split.

Angle was asked if he wanted to go back for one more match, and he confirmed that it what was he had talked with WWE about. He said that Vince McMahon and Triple H were great, and they had a great talk. He said that they told him that they wanted to push younger talent and they weren't looking for the older guys, "but then all of a sudden the brand split occurred."

He said that he doesn't know if WWE is in a position to need older talent and noted that he could still go in the ring.

Angle later admitted that he doesn't plan to wrestle for much longer. He said that he most likely want to go to WWE and wrestle part-time, before possibly moving on to managing. He said that he'd like to manage Chad Gable and Jason Jordan.

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