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June 25, 2016

Nancy Benoit’s Sister Reveals Frightening Google Search Chris Benoit Did Prior to His Death, Reveals Past Benoit Restraining Order

As noted, the sister of Nancy Benoit, Sandra Toffolini, appeared on this week’s edition of Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, and during the appearance Toffolini revealed some details about the Chris Benoit murder suicide that the press had previously not mentioned.

Toffolini says she began noticing “changes” in Chris Benoit as early as 2004, and she feels that both “roid rage” and the pressure of winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 20 contributed to the aggressive behavior he would direct at his wife Nancy.

Toffolini added her sister Nancy was “brutalized” by Chris’ roid rage, but she also said the concussions Chris suffered from his many years in the business coupled with the loss of good friends like Eddie Guerrero and Ray Traylor, aka Big Bossman, also likely played a part in his behavior towards his family.

One of the more frightening revelations Toffolini made during the podcast is she claimed that prior to the murders Chris had done a Google search on the easiest way to break someone’s neck. She also revealed that Nancy had gotten a restraining order against Chris at one point. Toffolini also spoke out against media reports that Chris and Nancy’s son Daniel Benoit had Fragile X syndrome, claiming those reports were false and that Daniel was healthy.

On the subject of the actual murder suicide, Toffolini clarified that Chris killed Nancy on a Friday, Daniel the following morning on Saturday, and then himself on Sunday night by rigging the pulldown machine in his gym to take his own life.

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