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June 30, 2016

Old Video Of Triple H Beating Up Fan After Match, Steve Austin Talking About The Incident

Above is the video that we discussed on the Wrestling Inc. podcast last night that's been going viral of Triple H attacking a fan in the 90s after a match with Steve Austin.

The incident took place in the late 90s in Germany. In the video, Austin defeated Triple H with the Stone Cold Stunner. After the match, a fan hit the ring and tried to attack Austin. Triple H hit the fan with a hell of a suplex, and then proceeded to drop punches on him. Referee Mike Chioda decided to join in and laid the boots to the fan. Triple H held the fan down and dropped (worked?) punches until officials dragged the fan away.

While the incident took place in the 90s, the video was only uploaded to YouTube this past January, and it's the first time that I can recall seeing it. Steve Austin had discussed the incident on his podcast in 2013.

"I was just about to celebrate and somebody tackles me from behind and takes me down and starts punching me," Austin recalled. Austin said that he thought it was a rib by one of the boys in the back, but it was a "rambunctious fan" that was cheering for Triple H and got upset.

"When you're in the ring with a cat - and I was a babyface, Triple H was the heel - you're always looking out for your guy's back," Austin said. "Triple H - stand up cat - he picked that dude up, slammed him and started punching his lights out!"

Austin said that Triple H was yelling at security to get over there, but security was confused because it happened so fast. Austin noted that he couldn't do anything and help beat the fan up because he was the babyface and that he always gave Triple H credit for doing that. Austin is all for fans being vocal at shows, but if they crossed the railing back then, they were fair game. Still, Austin admitted to finding the incident to be "hilarious."

"It was hilarious," Austin noted. "I always appreciated Triple H for standing up for me and watching my back."

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