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June 29, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Reaches Out To Orlando Mayor After Pulse Terror Attack, WWE Offering Assistance

WFTV in Orlando reports that WWE reached out to Orlando city officials after the Pulse nightclub terror attack earlier this month to offer their assistance.

WWE hosted RAW from Orlando just one day after the attack that left 49 dead and 53 injured in the city, opening with a tribute to the victims. Recently released e-mails by city officials show that Stephanie McMahon reached out to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and offered to "do everything we can to help support you and your efforts to rebuild the constitution of your great city."

WWE nor Orlando officials would confirm to WFTV what may be in the works but said discussions have taken place. Stephanie also told Dyer that she and other WWE stars were grieving with the residents of Orlando, calling the city a "second home" to the company.

Stephanie also asked about what WWE could do to help the victims and the city, writing: "We are already brainstorming ideas to help raise money for the OneOrlando fund, and I wanted to know if there was more we could be doing."

Dyer responded: "Thank you Stephanie for your kind words and your generosity. Someone will be in touch with you."

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