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June 22, 2016

The Very Latest on the Paige – Money in the Bank Incident, Rumor Killer on Argument Between Paige and Alberto Del Rio

On the latest episode of MLW Radio hosted by Court Bauer, Mister Saint Laurent and Konnan, more light was shed on the recent Paige incident at WWE Money in the Bank, as Konnan is close friends with Alberto Del Rio.

According to the show hosts, after Money in the Bank this past Sunday night, Paige and Alberto Del Rio went to watch the Absinthe show in Las Vegas. While they were there, a drunk couple started heckling the real life couple and called them “fake wrestlers”, and an argument ensued which reportedly ended up with Paige being “accosted”.
Police were eventually called to the scene and they stabilized the situation, and that involved handcuffing everyone involved in the situation despite neither Paige nor Del Rio being arrested. After that, Paige was taken to an ambulance to make sure she was okay, and when it was determined she was, both her and Del Rio were released and were free to go.

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