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June 8, 2016

Titus O'Neil On Turning His WWE Suspension Into A Positive, Facing Rusev At WWE MITB, More

Titus O'Neil is featured in this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole. Below are highlights:

* Titus jokes how he doesn't like phone calls from WWE HQ when Cole informs him of a phone call he received to announce Titus vs. WWE United States Rusev at Money In the Bank

* Cole asks about the suspension from earlier this year. Titus calls it a negative that he turned into a positive by having more time to be a father, a son and a brother. Titus says he saw things outside of WWE and was able to expand on some of the things he does inside of WWE. He was also able to better some of his personal relationships with the time off

* Cole asks why Titus doesn't believe Rusev has what it takes to be US Champion. Titus talks about how Rusev runs from a fight and says he never will, never has. Titus says the real American heroes are the people - teachers, servicemen, police offers and firefighters. Titus says he's fighting for everyone and will fight anyone to preserve what he feels are the three most important parts of life - faith, family and community

* Titus mentions his kids will be there for the match because it's on Father's Day. Titus says every dad should spend time with their kids on that day but this is the biggest opportunity of his career. Titus says he has the chance to prove to people that he belongs here and will be here for a long time. Titus says there will be plenty of juice boxes and chips at the celebration in Las Vegas that night. Titus says real champions stand up for what they believe in and at Money In the Bank, Rusev will find out what he believes in

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