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June 7, 2016

Triple H Media Call: Bobby Roode And Eric Young, WWE Brand Split, 'The End,' Nakamura, Muhammad Ali

Triple H joined the call and thanked everyone for joining and noted that there will probably be some questions about the Cruiserweight Classic. Triple H ran down the card for Wednesday's Takeover event. Triple H said that Nakamura will be a key player in the company. He added that he's excited for the debut of Andrade Almas and that he will be "big player."

Triple H said "The End" title for the event has a lot of meanings, which we'll see tomorrow. He said that you can expect it to be the end of the Finn Balor - Samoe Joe series.

NXT will be taping TV on Thursday, and he will be heading to the UK with the NXT crew for the UK tour after the tapings.

The Cruiserweight Classic starts up at the end of the month. Triple H thinks it will be the premier cruiserweight tournament, and he thinks it will be an unbelievable ten weeks. He says that it will be something unlike you've seen from WWE or NXT.

He thinks the NXT roster will look a lot different after the brand split, but he doesn't know for sure. He thinks that one of the strengths of NXT is that their talent rises to the occasion whenever talent leaves for the main roster.

He doesn't think the talent is any more aggressive than they were before, and they're always looking for the best talent around the world. He's always been aggressive in acquiring great talent.

About the brand split, Triple H noted that they've always had two tours and he's not sure how much everything will change.

He was asked about how much they focus on the UK. Triple H said there is a ton of talent in the UK, but they don't focus on any one area for talent, they look everywhere.

On Bobby Roode and Eric Young, Triple H is working on contracts for both men and said to stay tuned. He said they're both talented, and he looks forward to working with both of them.

When asked about NXT touring in Canada, he said that they're looking at everywhere. He said that NXT will be doing 180-190 events this year alone, and with RAW and SmackDown, you're at around 500 events a year. With all the events, there's a lot of factors that go into where they tour.

When asked for an update on Hideo Itami, Triple H said that he can't go too much into his medical information, but everyone heals differently, and Itami had some issues with mobility and scar tissue, and wants him to take his time and return at 100%. Nothing has changed regarding his thoughts on Hideo as a performer, and he looks forward to him returning.

Triple H was asked about doing a women's tournament, similar to the Cruiserweight Classic. Triple H said he had been throwing out ideas about it, and said that he would like to do it if the timing is right. He said it's on the table, but there are a lot of things on the table. He said that it's just an idea that spread quickly on the internet, and when they know what they'll want to do, they'll put out a statement or contact talents.

He said that the process for the Cruiserweight series has been very exciting, and he's enjoyed working with outside promotions to secure talent for the series.

Triple H thanked everyone for calling in. He mentioned the passing of Muhammad Ali, and called him a personal hero of his. He said that Ali's personality and charisma, which admittedly was influenced by pro wrestling, was amazing and and he was able to pass it on to others. Triple H said Ali was integral to what they do, and even though Ali wasn't a part of WWE on a day-to-day basis, that his impact isn't forgotten in the sports entertainment world.

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