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June 21, 2016

Update On Paige Being Involved In Las Vegas Incident On Sunday Night, Her WWE Status, More

As noted, there has been speculation that Paige was arrested in Las Vegas on Sunday night after the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view due to an incident with boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Leaked photos, seen below, appear to show a handcuffed Paige being led into an ambulance.

We later reported that no charges were filed and that Paige was not admitted into a local hospital as she wrestled on last night's RAW. We also reported that WWE was investigating the incident.

In an update, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department has confirmed that there was an unrelated incident late Sunday where they received a call about a woman behaving erratically. A woman was reportedly running trhough traffic and when they responded to the call, she was detained and taken to a local hospital by ambulance for a medical evaluation. The woman was soon released after the evaluation.

Vegas Police would not confirm that Paige was the woman taken to a local hospital due to privacy laws but they did confirm to PWInsider that the leaked photos are from that incident.

There is also no truth to reports of Del Rio being in any kind of trouble.

Paige is backstage for tonight's WWE SmackDown tapings in Tucson.

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