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June 25, 2016

WWE Puts In $27 Million Bid On TV Production Building In Stamford

According to a report by The Stamford Advocate, WWE is in the running to buy a large building from a bankrupt developer in their home base city of Stamford, CT. WWE wants to acquire the old AmeriCares headquarters on Hamlton Ave in Stamford and use it as their own TV production building.

WWE reportedly put a $27 million bid on the property, which is $3 million above the minimum price set by the court-approved sale coordinator. There are more than 100 bidders in the running for eight different buildings from the bankrupt developer that were made available for bidding. WWE issued the following statement to The Advocate:

“An opportunity arose that made sense for us to pursue. If we’re successful in the purchase of the building, WWE would become the building’s landlord and assumes the previous owner’s lease obligations.”

WWE reportedly abandoned their plans to begin construction on building their own TV production facility.

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