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July 19, 2016

Brock Lesnar Reportedly Fails Second UFC 200 Related Drug Test

According to MMAFighting.com, in addition to failing an out of competition drug test taken by USADA from a June 28th sample prior to his UFC 200 fight, Brock Lesnar also failed an in-competition drug test prior to defeating Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

To clarify, in-competition is a window of 12 hours before and after a fight.

The report added Lesnar failed both tests for the same banned substance, and the name of the substance will not be revealed unless Lesnar first reveals it himself.

The second test will very likely be folded into the first one and be considered a single potential doping violation.

UFC’s anti-doping policy states two positive tests could be considered aggravating circumstances, potentially leading to further sanctioning.

Lesnar passed multiple drug tests before failing the one taken from a June 28th sample, and as we noted he was tested eight times in the month leading up to the fight and passed the first five tests. Lesnar has now failed at least two of the last three tests. As noted, Lesnar faces a possible two year ban from UFC.

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