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July 18, 2016

Jimmy Snuka, Chavo Guerrero, Road Warrior Animal, Marty Jannetty, Paul Orndorff and 19 Other Wrestlers Suing WWE Over Brain Injuries

According to Bloomberg.com, Jimmy Snuka, Road Warrior Animal and numerous other former WWE stars are all plaintiffs in a lawsuit against WWE alleging the company failed to care for wrestlers’ repetitive head injuries “in any medically competent or meaningful manner.”

WWE is also accused in the lawsuit of misrepresenting and concealing the nature of long-term neurological injuries they suffered during their careers. The following is a list of plaintiffs who have joined the lawsuit, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet:

Paul Orndorff
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Bryan Clark aka Adam Bomb
Ahmed Johnson
Dave Hebner
Earl Hebner
King Kong Bundy
Ken Patera

The Berzerker
Shane Douglas
Muhammad Hassan
Henry Godwin
Mark Jindrak
Marty Jannetty
One Man Gang
The estate of Axl Rotten
Jimmy Snuka
Road Warrior Animal

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