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July 13, 2016

John Cena Signs New Entertainment Deal

John Cena continues to make major strides outside of the ring. It was revealed today that Cena has signed a new development deal with Leftfield Entertainment for unscripted TV and online projects. Leftfield Entertainment had produced American Grit on FOX, which was hosted by Cena. Several projects are already under development between Cena and Leftfield, with Cena serving as an executive producer via his Hard Nocks South production banner.

"Whether I'm in the ring for WWE or on a TV or film set, I approach all of my work the same way – with focus, authenticity and total commitment," Cena said in a statement. "I'm eager to bring that same work ethic to the team at Leftfield, and to create new kinds of programming that can inspire and push people to be their best. I'm living proof of what you can accomplish when that happens."

"There's nowhere you can go with John Cena without eliciting respect, pure joy and excitement from everyone he meets," Leftfield Entertainment CEO David George added. "Beyond his physical strength and presence, his humor, strength of character and genuine desire to give back always comes through. That's an inspiring place from which to create entertainment content, so we're extremely proud and happy to be in business with John."

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