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July 12, 2016

Meet the Cruiserweight Classic Alternates

Over the past month, the WWE Universe has become familiar with the 32 grapplers from around the world that will take part in the first-ever Cruiserweight Classic.

Anything can happen, however, during the 10 weeks the CWC will play out. The mat game is grueling, and injuries are always a threat to competitors, especially those with high-risk styles. Plus, the strict 205-pound weight limit for the tournament means that the wrong meal could lead to an early exit.

So, what happens if one of the initial 32 competitors can’t continue in the tournament? WWE officials prepared for the worst and have five alternates ready to step in, should the need arise. The WWE Universe may have seen them in training at the WWE Performance Center on social media, but WWE.com caught up with these elite competitors at the Cruiserweight Classic Combine to learn more about them and how they’re preparing in case their name gets called. Click here.

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