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July 9, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Makes Adweek ‘Most Powerful’ List

Stephanie McMahon was featured on Adweek’s “30 Most Powerful Women In Sports” list, which hit newsstands today. Other names making the list include Hannah Storm and Ronda Rousey; you can read Stephanie’s part of the article below:

Stephanie McMahon, chief brand officer, WWE

Stephanie McMahon is the woman behind—and in front of—the curtain at WWE. Over the organization’s 36-year history, few executives have been as important to its growth than McMahon, who is the daughter of CEO Vince McMahon. After starting there as an account executive, McMahon now sits on the WWE’s board of directors, following a two-decade rise through the ranks that has put her hands into virtually every facet of the business, including creative, talent relations, digital and her current role overseeing WWE’s brand efforts and brand reputation among investors, media, business partners and advertisers. And with her dad now in his 70s, McMahon, along with her husband Paul Levesque (better known as“Triple H”), could be poised to inherit the keys to the powerful WWE kingdom. —Tim Baysinger

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