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July 22, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Talks Upcoming Book, Why She Loves Playing Heel, Being a Part of the WWE Creative Process, Triple H Proposal & More

Stephanie McMahon did another Q&A with the official WWE Facebook page talking about the process behind her upcoming book. She noted that she does have a ghost writer for the autobiography, his name is Pablo, and he created a structure that Steph is currently going through and re-writing, filing in details and telling her story in her own words.

You can check out the interview in its entirety above, which I actually recommend because it shows a very out-of-character Stephanie that’s very passionate about her family, her kids, and the work she does with WWE behind the scenes and as a character, which she loves doing. Here are the key details:

She will be talking about her home life and her experience as a mother and relationship with her daughters, which is something that doesn’t come out with Stephanie McMahon the character very much.
There will be a book tour and signings that likely correspond with WWE live tour dates.
There will be some details and stories that “shock” the WWE Universe.
Her inspiration for writing this book is that she is turning 40 soon.
Steph says that Vince is very excited for the book and has read the first half so far.
The book has a tentative release date of October 4th.
Triple H does NOT cook dinner at home, unless it can be grilled.
Steph says her kids understand that she plays a character on TV but they don’t understand why she would choose being a villain. She says it’s the most fun, and loves being a heel because the better she is, the better she can make the babyface look.
Her most embarrassing moment was having the wardrobe malfunction where Triple H gave her a Pedigree and her breasts popped out of her top, and then having Howard Stern bring it up on his show.

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