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July 28, 2016

Vince McMahon credits NXT success for WWE brand split

During a conference call on Thursday, and in a move that may come as a surprise to some, he threw a lot of praise the way of NXT while he was talking about the brand split and why it came about once again.

Asked what the rationale was for going back to a brand split, McMahon replied, “We have a plethora of talent from Paul Levesque’s influence on NXT.”

McMahon said when you have too much talent, you can’t exploit it. So, the option is to take the talent and develop two distinct brands.

McMahon said they did it before with success until they “ran out of talent.” He said now WWE “won’t run out of talent with the Performance Center.”

There are people out there that don’t believe the boss even knows what NXT is or the majority of the talent that’s working there, but apparently the rousing success of the “third brand” has caught his eye. Actually, for more evidence of this, you need not look any further than the way that Finn Balor was booked during his debut on Monday night, earning himself a main event slot at SummerSlam.

NXT certainly has come a long way since Triple H started the journey of making it its own brand, but they are definitely reaping the benefits, especially if Vince McMahon is changing his whole model because of their success.

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