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August 29, 2016

Bo Dallas Arrested After Airport Incident

Bo Dallas was pulled from the weekend tour of WWE live events after the incident that we reported earlier at the airport in Dallas, Texas, PWInsider has confirmed. According to a police report, Bo was arrested for public intoxication/drunkenness at 7:25pm local time after police were notified about someone who had to be removed from a flight to Puebla, Mexico after yelling expletives at flight crew members. Bo left his carry-on luggage behind and started walking towards other departure gates after making a scene.

Bo, matching the description of the person police were looking for, wearing a Tapout t-shirt, was found by airport authorities slumped over 6 gates away from the flight he was removed from. He was reportedly looking at his phone with some of his belongings on the floor in front of him. Police described Bo as smelling of alcohol and he admitted to drinking "a little." When asked for more details on what was going on, Bo allegedly stated that he "wasn't really planning on driving today."

The police report described Bo as "swaying side to side" and speaking with a "thick tongue" while slurring his speech. Bo was also described as showing "poor dexterity" while retrieving his belongings from the floor. He was questioned by police and it was determined that he was "intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself and others." He was then placed under arrest.

This is not the first incident for Bo as he was arrested for DUI back in 2012 while working WWE NXT.

source: pwinsider.com

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