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August 8, 2016

Joey Styles Released

Joey "Styles" Bonsignore, most famous as the voice of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling before becoming Vice President of Digital Media Content for World Wrestling Entertainment, is gone from WWE.

After a run with the original ECW that lasted from 1993 to 2001, Styles had pretty much left professional wrestling. The ECW One Night Stand revival PPV changed that and WWE brought him into the company in the summer of 2005, also Styles signing to a deal to be the lead announcer for that PPV and host ECW-related DVD and Video on Demand material for the company.

Styles was later upgraded to a full fledged WWE deal that saw him become the lead announcer on Raw and PPVs for a short period before being shifted over to the revived ECW brand. Styles later retired from announcing and worked behind the scenes for the company on WWE.com and digital media.

At the time of his WWE departure, Styles held the post of Vice President of Digital Media Content for World Wrestling Entertainment and recently appeared in a Facebook Live Q&A for the WWE Facebook Page where he joked the interview would be the reason he was let go from the company. The video was later pulled from WWE's social media platforms.

In total, Bonsignore had been with WWE a little over eleven years.

The news of Bonsignore's departure was first reported by ProWrestlingSheet.com. PWInsider.com has independently confirmed that report was correct.

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