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August 28, 2016

Rumor Mill - Details On Bo Dallas Being Kicked Off Plane, Seth Rollins Heat With Airport Gate Agents

There was an incident with Bo Dallas at the Dallas Fort Worth airport this past Friday. The details were first posted on Twitter by Steven Bell, who hosts The Late Shift podcast.

Bell told wrestlinginc.com that his wife called him from the airport to tell him that there were a bunch of wrestlers at the airport, like Roman Reigns, Bayley and Rusev. While he was talking to her, she told him that Charlotte, Bo Dallas and one of the Usos were hanging out at an airport restaurant. She said that their flight was delayed, so they were there for a few hours. In the background while talking to his wife, he could hear Bo Dallas singing a song from The Lion King as the wrestlers were leaving the restaurant to go board.

Bell said that his wife was not on the same plane as the wrestlers, but she saw Bo Dallas being escorted off the plane by the pilot. A flight attendant told Dallas that he couldn't board because of his condition. Bo was trying to get back on and was denied, and he told the pilot to "f--k themselves." He also told gate agents to "f--k themselves" before walking off.

When asked about his tweet about Seth Rollins being "a d-ck." He said that his wife overheard gate agents saying that Rollins was a d-ck.

Police arrived at the scene, but it is not known if Bo actually got arrested. Bo was arrested for drunk driving in 2013, however there are no arrest records for him from over the weekend.

Bo was scheduled to compete at last night's WWE live event in Puebla, where he was slated to team with Curtis Axel to face The Usos. Bo was not at the event, and Jey Uso faced Axel in a singles match instead, with Jimmy Uso in Jey's corner.

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