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August 4, 2016

Seth Rollins Discusses Roman Reigns Addressing the WWE Locker Room Following Suspension, Shoots Down “Wrestler’s Court” Rumors

Prior to his 30 day suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, Roman Reigns reportedly addressed the WWE locker room before leaving to serve his month long suspension.

Apparently rumors were floating around that Reigns appeared in “Wrestler’s Court”, an old, light-hearted form of “discipline” in which a wrestler accused of doing something wrong stood “trial” in front of the locker room and was then issued some type of punishment.

WWE star Seth Rollins recently appeared on “Bailey and Southside”. During the interview, Rollins discussed what really happened when Reigns addressed the locker room, and Rollins said it was not a “wrestler’s court” situation. Rollins said the wrestler’s court system is something of the past, and doesn’t exist anymore. He added the cases were typically over minor things like one wrestler taking another wrestler’s seat at catering. Rollins said the punishments were usually a little harsh, but this was all before the days of social media and WWE going public. When asked if Roman Reigns was brought before Wrestler’s Court when he violated the WWE Wellness Policy, Rollins said “no, that’s misunderstood.”

Rollins clarified the situation and said Reigns addressing the locker room was done because Reigns is a locker room leader, and he wanted to do the professional thing and address the situation in front of the company and the talents. Rollins added Wrestler’s Court was something typically done more out of jest, and what Reigns did was much more professional.

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