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September 22, 2016

Backstage News On Who's Running RAW And SmackDown While Vince McMahon Recovers From Surgery

Vince McMahon may be 71-years-old, but he’s still in tremendous shape and trains regularly. Last week, WWE announced that The Chairman sustained an injury which forced him to undergo surgery. He was back in his office at WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut last Wednesday.

According to Court Bauer of MLW Radio, RAW and SmackDown is being assembled by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the creative team during Vince’s absence. He also notes that while Vince oversees everything, the final decisions are being made by Triple H.

“Right now if you watch WWE programming everyone says ‘well, always comes down to Vince and what he wants.’ Here’s the thing, yes he’s still reviewing all the scripts, yes he’s overseeing everything from afar at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut, but he’s not in the trenches, he’s not signing off at the moment to moment stuff at TV,” Bauer said. “He wasn’t in Memphis (for RAW), or at SmackDown, because he’s recovering from a nasty quad tear injury. So Hunter, the rest of creative and Stephanie are assembling the show.

Bauer continued, “Right now, for all intents and purposes, Hunter is in the control seat and calling shots at the [Gorilla Position].”

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