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September 1, 2016

Roman Reigns Ranked Number 1 By PWI Top 500 List

Roman Reigns has been ranked as the number one wrestler in the world according to PWI Top 500 List. The list was evaulated from July 1st 2015 all the way to June 30th of 2016. During that time, Reigns won the WWE title three times from that point on.

Reigns had the following to say to PWI about being number 1:

"Thank you, man. It's crazy. Last year, was I what, three or four? To just remain in that same company, to be in that class with those guys, it's a world class. It's a great honor and it goes with a lot of hard work. It's very flattering, it just shows that if you keep your head down and stick to your day-to-day, you grind it out and take the long road, good things happen. It is a great achievement and another great accolade."

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